The Founders


  • Born: In The Mysterious Alleghenies
  • Lives: Four Mile Valley
  • Credentials: Running barefoot (YES, barefoot), creating vegan recipes, attempting to grow a vineyard, and a little gardening here and there.
  • Favorite Beer: Allegheny IPA

Four Mile Brewing beer was first crafted in Gregg’s home on Four Mile Road, Allegheny, five years ago. It began as a hobby and quickly fermented into a passion. While taking time to acquire the ideal location, Gregg continued to perfect and experiment with various techniques and ingredients. Inspired by the rolling banks of the Allegheny River, Four Mile Brewing has found its true home and is driven by its mission, “ To produce and sell awesome beer within a highly enlightened environment.”

"Work hard, play hard!"


  • Born: The Concrete Jungle
  • Lives: Olean, NY
  • Credentials: Old School
  • Favorite Beer: Allegheny IPA

A man who knows his arithmetic…(square roots in his head for fun!). Nick was determined to follow his passion for balanced books as well as a balanced life. That quest led him to the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County in 2007. His manipulation of numbers and fine appreciation of craft beer were the missing ingredients of the Four Mile Brewing recipe.

"No money, no honey!"


  • Born: The Heart of Texas
  • Lives: Olean, NY
  • Credentials: Cigars, Scotch Hops, Golf
  • Favorite Beer: Green Street IPA

Jaye is known to close friends as “Jimmy.” To everyone, he’s a “hop head.” What’s a “hop head?” Someone who has more than a decade of collective experience in promoting, distributing, and appreciating craft beer. With a background in both culinary and beverage business, he’s always willing to share his pairing expertise. If you are looking for Jimmy — ahem, Jaye — you can find him traversing Western New York on a mission to create a Hop Head Nation.

"I'm in Buffalo selling kegs!"


  • Born: Unknown Origin
  • Lives: Portville, NY
  • Credentials: YES
  • Favorite Beer: Allegheny IPA

Whether it’s electrical rewiring, structural repair, or a shoulder to cry on, Craig is your man. And let’s not forget he makes some of the best damn IPAs, too. After all, he’s been home brewing for more than 25 years AND built his own nano brewery. With both mechanical and chemical “engineering” skills, Four Mile Brewing is his personal laboratory. Coincidentally, Craig gets most inspired when Gregg goes on vacation … Nothing like a cup of coffee and some death metal to get things hop’n.

"Note to self, LET STUFF GO!"